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THE PROBLEMS with the current


Court systems are archaic and have not evolved to embrace the information age.


Overburdened and inaccessible Courts.


Biased and corruptible Judges and Juries.


No effective voice for society.


An intimidating legal system that does not align with the values,

ethics and morals of society.

Dispute-It is THE SOLUTION

to societies LEGAL woes

Dispute-It is a digital ecosystem platform which, through the use of bespoke technology, breathes meaning into the wisdom of the crowd and resolves disputes in a cheaper, better, faster way.


The platform eliminates the bureaucratic translation errors between what society wants and what it gets and eliminates corruption and reduces bias.


Dispute-It plugs collective consciousness into a data-filter and analysis system and uses that data repository ethically, for the benefit of the hearts and minds of those that helped us to create it.


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