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Using individual encrypted data chains and aggregated citizen data points, we have created a framework to layer our economy, creating DIGITAL TWINS of the fundamental pillars to any society.


In doing so, we help the Nation’s underserved by creating a safe and private way to do business, while disrupting our legal system, GIVING EVERYONE A VOICE on nation-wide topics and personal issues arising from doing business in the Virtual Nation.

Our framework creates SOCIAL AND LEGAL PROFILES of all citizens in the ecosystem that is backed by immutable data points that can be used across the Virtual Nation. This allows for TRANSPARENT GOVERNANCE and dealings between citizens.

Through a SINGLE-SOURCE IDENTITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM used across the entire ecosystem, we bring about a National Digital Identity that alleviates the need for people in the Nation to rely on carrying around physical identity books.

Our DIGITAL GOVERNANCE layer allows citizens to interact with one another in a safe space and is grounded on dynamic consent to ensure no undue influence or intimidation takes place.

Using our 5 SOLUTION PRINCIPLES, we have created a truly anonymous, bias free and legally binding DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS that will lighten the burden on an already struggling infrastructure.



Wisdom of the crowds

Values Morals and Ethics Profiles

Eristic escalation & Universal Symmetry

Intelligence rising to the top

Modern technology


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